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Ms. Salo is pleased to offer lessons in piano, music and accompanying. She would also be happy to serve as your accompanist for your next audition, competition or recital. Please see below for more information.

Piano Lessons

In her piano and music teaching, Ms. Salo seeks to bring understanding of the depth and beauty of music to the student. The study of the great classical music of by-gone eras is similar to the study of literature and other arts in that it challenges the intellect, engages the emotions, but further, gives the student a living connection with the past and an immediate connection to the present by opening channels of communication that may not be possible otherwise. The art of reading, interpreting and playing music is as important today as in other centuries. Important not only for the creative, emotional and communication outlet it provides to both student and teacher, but also for it’s beauty and ingenuity. Studying the greatness of others – whether it is inventions, music, architecture, etc. – is a key element in one’s own personal growth and development. It opens up critical thinking skills, new approaches to thinking, deeper understanding of life, broader understanding of the world, appreciation for excellence. Whether you are beginning piano student or an advanced piano student, Ms. Salo would be delighted to help you start or continue your musical journey via private, in-home lessons.

Accompanying Lessons

Ms. Salo also offers lessons in accompanying. Accompanying is a skill set that, many times, is required of a pianist by default – if you can play piano, you (obviously) can accompany. However, accompanying well is a skill that takes thought and effort on the part of the pianist. Each instrument requires a slightly different approach to accompanying; additionally, accompanying a soloist is very different than accompanying a choir or accompanying a congregation – the needs and demands of each are very different. An accompanist must be skilled in both rehearsal techniques and performance techniques as he or she will be required to fill both roles in his or her work as an accompanist. These techniques all begin with how the accompanist approaches and breaks-down the score as well as how they view their work. For more information on accompanying lessons, please contact Ms. Salo at


Ms. Salo has been accompanying professionally all ages and levels of musical experience since her teens. She has extensive experience with adult and youth choirs, middle and high school solo instrumentalists,  collegiate students – both undergrad and graduate  – and professional musicians. She is the lead accompanist for the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas, working with the beginning choir – Prelude, and the top concert choir – Concert I, under the direction of Cynthia Nott. In her rehearsal and performance practices, she brings the highest level of musicality, support and professionalism to you, the soloist or choir. Please contact her at for fees and to book her for your next performance or for your studio’s next performance.

Ms. Salo comes to you the student or client. For more information regarding tuition for lessons and training packages, please contact her at