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Coming off her second season as the accompanist for the Prelude and Concert I choirs of the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas, Miss Mary Anna Salo is tireless in her search for new means of creative expression through music,

Miss Salo has let herself be inspired by many different styles and genres of music.  “The more a piece of music connects with my personality and the more I am excited about it, the better I can unravel the hidden meaning of the score and hopefully, make the music a personal experience for the audience.”  She believes the pursuit of every musician is the never-ending quest to decipher the encoded message of the composers score.  “Unlocking the emotional, psychological and physiological state of the composition, so that everyone can hear it, is the ultimate goal.”

Miss Salo’s restless curiosity, passion, and multi-faceted musical interests are tempered with her love of baking (there’s always chocolate in it), physical endurance bootcamps (yes, she’s tough)  and running (long distance running that normal people avoid.)

Miss Salo began her piano studies at the age of five with her mother, Diane Salo, an accomplished pianist and teacher of keyboard and music theory.  Salo earned her bachelor of fine arts in piano performance in 2012 from the University of Wisconsin. In 2014, Mary Anna saw her launch the Winterpast Recital Series with the goal of giving up-and-coming young artists a unique venue in which to perform in southeast, Wisconsin. This summer of 2016 begins with an exciting residency as collaborator in Taos, New Mexico, with fellow graduates of the Horn and Vocal department here at SMU. In addition to solo and collaborative performing, Miss Salo shares the joy of music and music-making with others through private piano and music lessons, accompanying and gigging.

Miss Salo recently completed her Master Degree Program at SMU under the master tutelage and patience of Mr. Alfred Mouledous. She is a native Texan from Garland, Texas.

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